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Javier Aguilera Arauzo,

i-mode, a new era in mobile phones

As the first mobile phone service to successfully operate 3G technology, i-mode is ushering in a new era in the industry. The alliance between Telefónica Móviles and NTT DoCoMo, which has led to the introduction of i-mode in Spain, makes us partners in an exciting new phase of growth and development.

New technology
After years of rapid growth, both the size of the Spanish mobile phone market and its division among the main operators are becoming settled. By merging wireless communications and computer technology, i-mode offers a reliable, easy to use and affordable internet service that matches the convenience of conventional handsets with the data transmission and processing of personal computers.

New opportunities
The partnership with NTT DoCoMo, therefore, enables us to offer clients a powerful infrastructure that allows them to access the internet, send and receive high-speed messages, take and email photos, view quick links to news, weather and commercial services…and make phone calls. Thanks to data transmission rates of 2Mbps, up to 40 times faster than current speeds, users can view high quality streaming video and audio.

To users, i-mode offers a world of new services and applications that are accessible through a compact, wireless mobile phone. To operators, even market leaders like Telefónica Móviles, it is a catalyst for growth. This time, however, it is by upgrading our clients that we aim to significantly increase our average revenue per user.

The way ahead
In the short time since its introduction into the Spanish market, i-mode has already proved itself a success formula built on a great product and service, and highly attractive pricing. A close alliance with NTT DoCoMo means that, from technical issues to marketing support, we can count on first-class guidance. Excellent client satisfaction ratings indicate the value of this, while NTT DoCoMo's input has also been invaluable in the huge Christmas campaign we launched to further promote the service.

E-commerce is another field in which i-mode is set to break new ground. In Japan, the service has created huge growth in internet-based commerce and indications are it will do the same in Spain. With information services that are attractive to high-level business users, and with games, entertainment and pricing that will appeal to a younger market, we believe that i-mode will play a fundamental role in the development of our mobile phone segment.

© Michel Cruz

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