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Freelance writing

“My career as a freelance writer is marked by the diversity of topics I have covered. This variety of subject matter is refreshing, giving me the chance to develop my style and allowing writer and reader alike to discover new things. In this I draw on an almost insatiable interest in many fields, including history, culture, travel, architecture, design, art, industrial design, economics, investment, property, current affairs - and the people who make it all happen.”

Writing to brief
Although he has a personal style, Michel has developed a high degree of malleability in his writing. This, together with his own experience with marketing, advertising and as an editor, facilitates working to a client’s brief.

The ability to write about a wide variety of topics and to cater for different tastes in style and presentation reflects Michel’s versatility as a writer. As a result he has been published in a great many different magazines, brochures and websites in Spain, Portugal, the UK, US and Holland.

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